Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The archangel Gabriel revealed to Mary the miraculous motherhood of her cousin Elizabeth and invited her to visit her home.  Charity urged her to make this visit at once to the hill country to a town of Judea.  Christ, Whom she was now carrying prompted her to begin her mission of bringing Him to souls.  The trip must have lasted about four days, for the little village to which she was going was located a few miles beyond Jerusalem.  

Mary entered the house of Zachary and greeted Elizabeth.  As soon as Elizabeth heard the greeting, the child in her womb gave a start.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, she exclaimed, "Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb."  She asked herself why she was so honored that the Mother of her Lord should come to her.  Now that the Holy Spirit Himself had revealed the mystery of her Divine Motherhood to her cousin, Mary spoke her thanksgiving prayer, the Magnificat.  She sang of the marvelous goodness of God to her in spite of her nothingness.  She praised God for His mercy to mankind in sending a Savior.  Mary remained with her relatives about three months, till John the Baptist was born.  They were months of great happiness for her and of blessings for Elizabeth and her son.  The aged priest Zachary suddenly recovered his power of speech which he had lost because he did not believe the angel in the temple who announced that his wife would give him a son who would prepare the way for the Messias.  In the inspired canticle, the Benedictus he began to praise God for having come to redeem His people.

The feast of the Visitation commemorates Our Lady's visit to her cousin St. Elizabeth, the sanctification of St. John the Baptist in his mother's womb, and the occasion on which the Blessed Virgin uttered her hymn of thankgtiving, the Magnificat.  


Mary, My Mother, may the thought of your tenderness and charity increase my confidence in you and make me look up to you in all the dangers that surround me in life.  I am sure that you, who are all-powerful as my advocate, will not desert me but will bring to my poor afflicted soul grace and sanctification.  

                   Hail, bright Star of ocean,
                   God's own Mother blest,
                   Ever sinless Virgin
                   Gate of heavenly rest! 

Last Salute to Our Mother for the Month of May

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